Saturday, May 9, 2015

Look Who's Two

Dear Jayson,

STOP GROWING.  Seriously.  Just stop.  It seems like yesterday you were born and only a moment ago you had turned one.  Today you turn two and we'll be celebrating in style surrounded by family, friends and minion themed decor while dining on your favorite pizza.

Time is just whizzing right by and every day you never cease to amaze us.  You come out with the most funny little sentences at the most random times.  I love how you're communicating with us now.  I feel a little less clueless as a parent when you can somewhat tell me what's wrong or what hurts.  You'll always get a chuckle out of us with "I farted," "Daddy poo-poo," and "Ace did it" and our heart will always melt when you say "I love you more."  You are such a sweet, loving little boy.  I wish you would stay this way forever.

That's not to say you haven't pushed our patience to their limits.  They don't call this stage the terrible twos for no reason.  Your terrible twos started about about 18 months.  We faced complaints of biting at daycare and thankfully you've stopped throwing yourself down for the most part.  You've always attempted to do things well beyond your age and capacity, much to your own frustration.  I believe this is/was a source of much of your terrible two tantrums. 

So far it seems that you have a sweet tooth like your mom and the attention span of your father.  If you could eat cupcakes or ice cream all day every day, you most certainly would.  Your father can't sit still for the life of him.  He's always working on something and most times it's something with a motor (the lawn tractor or his snowmobile).  You're right there with him, scouring through magazines pointing out motorcyles and using your toy screw driver on your battery-powered quad.

Everyone loves you.  You win over complete strangers in the grocery store check-out line and you continue to be the apple of your grandparents' eye.  As the first grandchild to either side of the family, you will never be short of love and spoiling.  You have such a great bond already with your Grandpa Biegel (pa-pa as you have taken to calling him) that I only wish your Grandpa Krueger were still alive to bond with you as well.  He's here in spirit though, buddy, and I see it every time you attempt to "fix" something.  You get your mechanical abilities from him.  He was a jack of all trades.

Now don't go getting a big head, there are some things we need to work on still.  We haven't mastered using your "potty" and you still have an attachment to your pacifier, aka "Mr. Binks."  We also need to get you more consistent with your teeth brushing, but it's a work in progress.  You are getting better about helping put your toys away, for that I give you credit.  Your love of books though is something to brag about and I enjoy cuddling up with you and "Corduroy Goes to the Doctor" before bed each night.  With all your growing, I hope you don't soon outgrow your need for snuggle time with your mama before bed.  

Monday, April 27, 2015

Siding/Windows Debacle

This is a great little concept.  There are so many articles lately about being content with what you have.  It's the key to happiness.  In a world where keeping up with the Jones' pretty much trumps everything, it's a daily struggle to take a deep breath and appreciate what we have versus what we want. It's all about one's outlook and perspective.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Furry Friday: A Toddler's Best Friend

This is the face of a saint.  Not a saint bernard, but a saint in the literal sense.  This dog puts up with so much crap from my son Jayson, I almost feel bad for him.  But he asks for it.  He really does.  He and Jayson are inseparable. Irregardless of the trouble Jayson has in mind, Ace still goes to him when he calls him.

Frequently his fur has sticky or matted sections from grubby little hands covered in ketchup, syrup, yogurt, fruit snacks or any other substance Jayson has recently consumed.  Ace doesn't mind though.  He got to share whatever was covered in the ketchup or syrup.  It's a slight price to pay.  Luckily he's dapple colored, it allows stuff like that to blend in.

He accepts hugs that are a little too tight.  Despite being a whopping eleven pounds, he will wrestle and roll around on the kitchen floor with Jayson who easily outweighs him 2.5 times over.  He will also snuggle up tight for a nap, subject to being rolled over on and any other thrashing around that Jayson does.

They truly are best buds.  When Jayson asks for an animal cracker, rest assured he's looking up at me and asking "Ace?"  Yes, Ace can have one too and he's probably going to steal yours when your not looking.