Monday, November 10, 2014


Days like today I start out wondering what it is I strive for.  What's really important.  Today our new puppy had a couple accidents in the house before I'd even gotten to take my shower.  My husband was rushing around to help with whatever he could to make sure we both made it out of the house in time.  My patience was short.  My son was crying and miserable when I left him at daycare this morning.  I could feel the emotions building up inside of me.  

As I sat in the car on the verge of tears, I asked myself "what am I really upset about?"  

I felt bad that our newest member of the family had an accident in the house, it's not his fault.  It's our fault (my husband's and mine).  I felt bad that my husband went off to work in rush probably sensing I was angry and frustrated and for no good reason.  I felt bad that Jayson was left at daycare screaming for me because in this economy both his parents have to work.  Maybe it's the whole nature/nurture thing.  The mom in me.  I put everything on my shoulders.  I need to fix everything.  I need to make everything better.  The perfectionist in me wants to take care of everyone and everything.  I empathize way too much.  I even put it out on Facebook that I could use a do over.  In reality, looking back on this morning nothing was a major catastrophe.  Certainly nothing earth shattering.  Our family has a roof over its head, food on its table, and love.  Lots of it.  It may not seem like it all the time, but we do.

I saw an image on pinterest and it sort of centered me. Everyone has a bad day, but it's temporary.  Strive on folks.  Keep your end goals in sight.  Remember what's important.  To quote my husband's favorite movie: "I take the first one I come to or the weakest one in the group and then I swim as fast and as hard as I can for as long as I can. And the sea takes the rest;" "Save the ones you can Jake. The rest, you've got to let go."

Meet Ace Bolivar

November 3, 2014 I received a text confirming the availability of a dapple wirehaired dachshund pup in Ohio.  A dance party ensues in my son's room.  Jayson doesn't quite understand it, but he's happy enough to rock his signature "happy feet" moves while mommy and daddy excitedly talk about the prospect of adopting another dog and all the logistics that go along with it.  

Justin and I had just started searching online for wirehaired dachshund puppies in the tri-state area, reaching out to a few breeders and fully expecting to be on a wait-list until the Spring or even next fall.  We weren't having much luck.  Wirehaired dachshunds aren't that common to begin with, let alone a dapple.  We both really liked the look of dapple dachshunds but for allergy purposes, a wirehaired dachshund is the way to go. As soon as we got the text, we decided right then and there we were going to adopt this little dude with one blue eye.  The best part?  We didn't have to wait long to meet him.  He was ready to go that Wednesday following his check up at the vet.  So we drove eight hours out Thursday night to Bolivar (pronounced oliver with a "b"), brainstormed names the whole way, picked him up Friday morning and then drove eight hours home to introduce him to his new BFF Jayson.  The name we finally decided on was Ace Bolivar.  Ace was easy enough for Jayson to pronounce and Bolivar to pay homage to his hometown.

We're only on day four of his addition to our family, but Ace and Jayson have gotten along fairly well.  Ace wants to follow Jayson everywhere and Jayson wants to give him kisses all the time.  It warms my heart to think this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship for them.

Welcome to our little family Ace Bolivar Krueger.  We love you already.