Monday, March 13, 2017


Yes, you read that correctly. Today's blog post is entitled "Twerking."  My son has some serious toddler dance skills, but he's a little late to the game with twerking.  It is his latest move he's perfected along side this singing and dancing monkey his grandparents gifted him.  I seriously need to capture the two of them on video, but that will have to be another day's post.  Today's will focus on this book and how he believes it relates to twerking.  Then we'll brainstorm where I took a wrong turn in this journey called parenting.

The Berenstain Bears' Moving Day


Do you see the little cub with the yellow shirt seemingly bent over in an innocent game of leap frog?  My son informed me last night, as we read this for his bedtime story, that this very bear cub was twerking just like him.  "Like a stripper."  His words, not mine.

I admit I laughed despite being slightly concerned.  I'm not sure where or how he learned twerking or that twerking could be related to strippers.  I'll have to ask his father, his aunts, or daycare, but you cannot make this stuff up.

I call this "A day in the life of parenting."  If you got a chuckle out of this, you're welcome.  

Friday, March 10, 2017

2 Months @ 2 A.M.

What better time to write about a two month old than at two a.m.?  It's quiet. She's just nursed and is snuggling on my shoulder.  I know it's moments like this that I'll be nostalgic for when she's her brother's age. Not necessarily the getting up in the wee hours, but the snuggles.  At two months, she is starting to hold on to me.  Right now I'm her person.  There's no playful debate as to who her favorite is because hands down it's mommy.  At two months there is no nagging, no arguing to eat her supper... Mommy is still the "nice guy."  In a few short years, that will all change and I will be the "bad guy" who disciplines for jumping on the couch, pulling on the dog, and any other trouble a toddler finds oneself in.  Daddy will be the fun one who let's her get away with murder because truth be told he's not really watching.  Anywho... I digress.