Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Let's rewind to last Friday around 3:30pm.  My husband's phone pocket dials me and I hear all sorts of commotion going on and then phrases like "dude, I wouldn't tell her," "leave it at my place, we'll fix it," and "you know I'm not going to hear the end of it because we have the baby on the way."  These are never good things to overhear when your husband is on a trip up north snowmobiling.  

I held off on posting anything about this because as you can imagine, I have mixed emotions on the subject.  First and foremost I was worried about him.  Obviously some form of accident had occurred and from the pocket dial I wasn't sure if he was even injured. I was also disappointed for him because he was so excited to be heading north for the first time with his sled and now his weekend was ruined.  Lastly, I was angry.  I was angry at the direction the conversation I overheard was taking and I was angry because we'd recently put +$400 into the sled and it was becoming apparent our bank accounts were going to suffer some more.  You may recall my eluding to his sled having work done in my Manic Monday post.  At any rate, it's just money, but certainly not something else we needed to encumber at this point in time. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Thousand Words...

A picture is worth a thousand words, or so the saying goes.  I've been so remiss about getting pictures posted that I owe you some updated photos of the spare bedroom overhaul, the baby's room furniture, and some up to date belly shots.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Manic Monday

This past Monday I had off from work for my Glucose Test, however, very quickly the day filled up with other events including a visit to the Vet's Office, a stop at two different stores, baby furniture delivery, media cart assembly, and a second trip to the Vet's Office.  No worries, Riley is fine but I'll delve into our two trips momentarily.

For starters, Justin and I took the whole day off as we didn't know what to expect from the Glocose Test.  I've heard horror stories of vomiting all day, etc.  The Glucose test turned out to be a piece of cake, no pun intended here considering the copious amounts of sugar consumed.  I only felt a little queasy midway through the hour of observation, similar to that carsick feeling I get when reading in a moving vehicle.  The liquid wasn't terrible either so long as you gulped it quickly.  The flavor of choice for the day was orange and it was fortunately served cold.  I'd say it was a sweeter version of orange soda without the fizz.  Certainly a flavor I'll never forget and not something I'd like to consume again.  

Friday, February 8, 2013

Furry Friday: ESP

For a while now, I've been convinced that Riley knows what's up.  By that, I mean, he knows I'm expecting.  I've always considered him extremely intelligent (what mother doesn't think her furbaby is brilliant??) but I'm really convinced he has ESP.  I know that dogs are really good at picking up on mood changes and all that jazz, but from very early on he was extra lovey with me.  When we first found out we were pregnant he would walk by me and lick my leg, which was entirely unusual.  He's always been a snuggler but a fly-by dog kiss wasn't his thing ever before.  As for sleeping arrangements, he is usually all over the bed (up by our heads, down by our feet, snuggled between the pillows, etc) but since I've become pregnant he wants to sleep by my stomach for as long as his little body can stand the heat.  This is true for our couch time together in the evenings as well.  He has taken to laying across my lap in such a fashion that one of his ears is propped right up against my belly.  I'm curious if he can hear our little guy in there. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Top Ten Things...

It's been a while since I did a full-on pregnancy post, so here goes.  The top ten things I've noticed about pregnancy at 26 weeks:
  1. The little bugger is running out of space and makes connection with the left side of my ribcage quite often.  It can be painful enough at times that I wonder if my gallbladder is dysfunctional.
  2. Speaking of running out of space, my eyes are truly bigger than my stomach now.  I sometimes feel hungry enough to "eat a scabby horse" (Aunt Pat says this all the time) but then all I can manage to eat is the ear of that scabby horse without feeling uncomfortably full.  
  3. I'm finally round enough that people are no longer assuming I've just put on weight, although I love getting the hesitant "are you expecting question?" or "when are you due?"  I sometimes just want to mess with people and say I'm suffering from a thyroid condition or that I'm just fat, but I think better of it.

Monday, February 4, 2013


This past weekend we took a break from all housework we were doing last week and headed out to the Cortland, NY area for some much needed down time with some good friends of ours, Paul and Cait.  About once a year we head out their way for a weekend, and vice versa.  We also see each other around Thanksgiving when Paul and Cait are visiting family who are within a half hour of us.  But let me tell you, it felt so good to have nothing else on the agenda aside from catching up with the two of them.  Months can pass and you feel like you've only seen each other yesterday.  And the laughs.  I haven't laughed so hard in a while. 

We started out our weekend at Homer's Winterfest which included some antiquing and a craft fair.  I scored a Nickel Chicken for my mother while browsing the antiques.  For those of you unfamiliar with what a Nickel Chicken is, it's a hollow glass chicken figurine where items like loose change can be stored.  My grandparents used to keep nickels in theirs, hence the term "Nickel Chicken," and the kids would grab their milk money from there throughout the week.  School milk at the time was only a nickel.  You get the picture, I'm sure.  At any rate, the last time I found one of these gems for my mom I was on vacation with the in-laws in Tennessee about ten years ago and it was a miniature.  The one I found this weekend was a full size and it was a steal at only $5.00.