Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Watch It Wednesday

I always post videos to my Facebook page for friends and family, but I guess due to my security settings it wouldn't let me post to here.  However, I've finally figured out how to share my videos on here by making them "unlisted" on youtube.  Of course this is just in time to share Jayson's cereal experience with you.  Enjoy!

Monday, October 21, 2013

A Much Needed Weekend

After being exceptionally busy at work, having my clothes dryer die, and having to switch Jayson's daycare I can definitely say I needed the weekend to regroup.  The weather was fairly nice, albeit chilly, and we managed to get some much needed down time in and also some dreaded seasonal tasks accomplished.

Saturday we had a nice visit with our friends Paul and Cait who have recently announced they are expecting their first child.  Our visit was full of talk about all things baby.  It also gave them some time to get some snuggles in with Jayson.  Paul is actually Jayson's godfather and because they live a few hours away it's infrequent that we see them.

Later we headed over to Elise and Dan's apartment for supper.  On the menu was a roast chicken, corn casserole, mashed potatoes and mixed veggies followed by pumpkin pie.  It's always a feast when Elise cooks which was a nice treat for Justin and I as we've been a little lax in the cooking department as of late.  Hey, we have a baby...

Sunday was spent getting yard work done.  Fingers crossed this is the last time Justin will have to mow for the season.  Probably not the last time, however, that he'll have to use the leaf sweeper.  We also managed to switch out our summer and winter clothes.  At the same time I boxed up Jayson's three months and 3-6 month sized clothing.   So sad that he is growing up so quickly.

Speaking of Jayson, this being his second week at daycare I'm hoping it goes better than the first.  For whatever reason, whether it be just because it was all new or if he's starting to get a cold, he decided to change up his schedule.  He boycotted a bottle a day and decided to take much longer naps than usual, the combination of which totally threw off his eating and sleeping schedule at home which had me a little stressed out.  I was probably driving the new caretaker batty, but the little guy is my world and any change for a normally regimented and happy child is cause for concern. After some reading on the internet, I scared myself thinking he could be reverse cycling or switching up his days and nights.  Any one else experience this with their five/six month olds?

Thursday, October 17, 2013

All over the place

Much like my brain lately, today's post is going to be all over the place.   I'm completely swamped at work.  I am seriously behind on house chores.  Oh yeah, and our dryer died.  Add all of that to the fact that Jayson started a new daycare this week and you get one stressed out mommy.  Not to mention, this feels like the longest four day work week EVER.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Future Fire Fighter, Part Deux

In looking back through my posts about Jayson I realized I never did bring you up to speed on his very first fire drill!
Jayson was a brand new baby at the time and we planned our first outing together which involved going to see daddy for lunch and then driving to Jayson's very first wellness visit.  We proudly made it out if the house by 11:45am and made it to Justin's work in time for lunch.  We did the obligatory walk around the office to show off Jayson and then settled in at Justin's desk for sandwiches.  Well just as we begin to eat the fire alarm goes off.  Jayson manages to sleep through it as we made our way out of the building and to the edge of the parking lot.   Fire trucks soon arrived and blocked in my vehicle parked in visitor's parking at the front of the building.  Needless to say this was no drill. 

I was in total panic about making it to Jayson's appointment in time,  not to mention worried about when/where/how to nurse him since this "drill" had actually turned out to be a full fledged fire in the building's air conditioning system. I wasn't all that skilled, or comfortable,  with nursing in public at that time.  What a fiasco.   Fortunately I didn't have to worry about it too long and we did make it to Jayson's appointment with enough time to nurse him before going in.

Just my luck though that on our first outing (while I was still very hormonal) we had this high stress scenario. Do you have any similar stories to share?

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Time Flies

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly time flies when you have a child.  It seems like only yesterday my husband and I found out we were expecting and only a blink ago did I wake him up to head to the hospital.  Needless to say, Jayson is another month older and still smiling that charming little smile of his.

So to recap month five for Jayson:

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Future Fire Fighter

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the SUHRA conference.  I also had the pleasure of toting along my son and the hubs, aka "daddy daycare" as he kept calling himself. 

The conference was held at Adam's Mark hotel in buffalo.  The topics were timely, however the hotel was huge and our breaks were very short so finding time to nurse and/or pump proved challenging... especially when a fire alarm sounds and your room is on the 8th floor.  You read that right. On one of my mini breaks I went upstairs to feed Jayson and no sooner do I get to the room the alarm goes off. So down 8 flights of stairs I go, in heels with baby in my arms. Poor daddy had to haul the carseat, diaper bag and anything else he could think of in our escape from the building. We have yet to hear what specifically caused the alarm to sound, but fire trucks and news crews were on site.  We may be on tv for all I know!  At any rate,  Jayson thought it was a blast and we were let back in after a short while.

Maybe we have a future fire fighter on our hands. This was, after all, his second fire drill where trucks actually had to show up!