Friday, April 25, 2014

Furry Friday: Looking Fabulous

Yesterday both Riley and I had a few appointments that afforded me the ability to work half day and spend the other half of my day driving around with my number one fur-child.  The old man had a check up, a bordatella shot, and a grooming.  I had a follow up doctor's appointment, six vials of blood work processed, and an x-ray.  Fun fun.  But at least he looks fabulous.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Elf Month

I know it's not Christmas, but "elf" is eleven in Afrikaans hence the title "Elf Month."  Hey, you learn something new everyday.  Any who, in a month's time Jayson has changed in leaps and bounds.  Almost literally.  The kid is a flurry of movement these days.  Gone are the lazy Saturday afternoons with Jayson snuggled up in my lap.  He wants to get down and get into everything (the dog's bowls, turning the xbox on and off, pulling magazines off the end table, etc). Even to look at him, he has graduated in my mind from "baby" to a toddler and he's a vocal one at that.  He's loud, he's like a bull in a china shop, and he points at everything.  In other words: he's FUN.