Thursday, June 6, 2013

Four Weeks

If you ever need proof that time passes quickly, have a kid.  Insane to think that four weeks ago I was waking Justin to go to the hospital.  Now countless night feedings and several cases of diapers later I can proudly say I have successfully managed to survive the first month.

There were tears.  There were many days I cursed the time management gods because I had yet again not managed to get showered before noon.  However there were many more small victories that outweighed the frustrations of taking care of an infant.  A smile coaxed from him on a regular basis, a regimented feeding schedule in place, tear-free tub times, and several outings (hair appt, visiting work, dress fitting, doctor appts) where he was nothing shy of an angel.   Not to mention cuddle time. Nothing beats cuddle time.

In the past four weeks I can certainly say I have learned a lot.  For instance, Huggies diapers suck.  We have had so many blow outs and leaks with them, it's beyond frustrating.  They just don't fit snug enough around the legs.  Pampers on the other hand rock.  Less blow outs and some mesh-like invention within that sifts the poop away from his skin.  Awesome.  Other items that rock: the boppy pillow, breast shields for nursing (these save the lady bits quite a bit), his carseat for naps, wipe warmers, Desitin cream, that fold up travel diaper change station someone bought me, the bassinet on the downstairs level of our house, the video monitor, and his bouncy chair.  These items made daily life possible these last four weeks.

Next post I think I will talk tips and tricks of mommyhood.  Got any good ones to share?


  1. Pampers are the way to go, epsecially he ones with the pee strip that turn blue. And we found that survival is the name of the game and time management goes out the window, so don't feel bad about that. We really like Costco generic wipes, and a well-stocked diaper bag is essential: Extra Strenght Desitin, spare clothes, bib.

  2. I have heard that BJ's brand diapers are just like pampers so when we run out I will try those too. The pee strip is awesome. I had a batch of "parents choice" wipes that said compare to Huggies naturals which worked just as well.


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