Friday, August 8, 2014

Fast Facts Friday: Fast-Forward Summer

I cannot believe we're into August already.  Where has the time gone??  As I'm sure you are finding in your own lives, our summer has filled up rather quickly.  So to sort of catch you up on some of what's going on in our lives these last few months I'm going to do a "fast facts" style post.  Enjoy!

  • Jayson is a big boy now... we haven't nursed for a week!  Last weekend out of the blue he decided he would finally take bottle from me (which he does at daycare, but never at home.) This is a huge weight off my shoulders.  He self-weaned no problem.  He's eating solids like a champ, including Happy Meals!  I think I was more excited than him to take him to McDonald's.  Their mini fry box is so adorable.  He loves the gogurt included with the meal as well.

  • We traveled to New Jersey over the July 4th holiday and enjoyed some time at the Point Pleasant boardwalk, the Jenkinson's Aquarium, a private beach in Toms River, and family bbqs.  Jayson loved the ocean, the sand, and sitting like a big boy at Martell's Tiki Bar for pizza.

  • We spent a day at Glimmerglass State Park with friends.  Jayson was again enthralled with the water and sand.

  • We finally got around to spending some of Jayson's birthday money.  He is enjoying a toddler sized quad, a blow up kiddie pool, and a bean bag chair.  The remainder was deposited into his savings account for future needs.  Before you know it he'll have College tuition bills or need a car.

  • We took Jayson to the local county fair and found that with a paid adult, there were a number of rides he could ride free.  That's right: no tickets, no charge for him...  It's a beautiful thing.  He loved every second of it.  Well, except the tilt-a-whirl but mommy doesn't like that ride either.

  • Dunkin Donuts newest craze of coolatas has found a sweet spot in my heart and wallet.  Their Vanilla Bean Oreo Coolata is my downfall.  Come to the dark side.  If you haven't tried one, you should.  However, if you end up addicted you can't say I didn't warn you. Another (more healthy) item I'm really digging lately is Cranberry Almond oatmeal for breakfast from Quaker.  It smells heavenly.

  • Jayson is a walking, talking bundle of energy lately.  Some new things he'll say are "oh no," "nana" (short for banana), "what" and "Laura" (his daycare provider).  He also shakes his head yes and no. He'll wag his finger to symbolize "no" as well.  He plays hide and seek, he loves if you run after him although he needs to get better at watching where he's going - he runs into everything!  He plays with his bubble mower, he frequently picks things up (Muscles Magee), he's really good on his scooter now, still loves his tent, and has taken a new interest in his books.

And that my friends recaps what we've been up to.  We'll have plenty of fun times to share in the next few months: Zoom Flume, Adirondack Animal Land, a bachelorette party, a wedding, a trip to Long Island, and a trip to Ocean City.  Can't wait!

What have you all been up to?

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