Tuesday, September 4, 2012


What is rehab?  I ask this question because I'm not sure I understand the new-aged concept of rehab.  My impression was that rehab was a place where drug abusers went to forcibly become clean of their addictions.  The visual I have in my head is one of a hospital-gown donning junkie sweating it out on a cot in a locked room.  From what I understand of rehab some instances of are not necessarily voluntary, sometimes court ordered, but for the most part rehab is not something I would categorize as pleasant.

Nowadays it appears that rehab has become a very popular and trendy thing to do amongst Hollywood starlets.  In some cases it appears to be a get out of jail free card - for example, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton have been offered rehab and "community service" as a means of avoiding jail time.  For similar offenses, the average citizen would not have the opportunity to partake in a lavish, relaxing 4-star vacation that is now known as rehab.  Most certainly community service would not be an option either.  I refer to rehab as lavish and relaxing here because the media portrays it a such.  Stars such as Mary-Kate Olsen, Demi Moore, and Leann Rimes appear to attend such facilities in times of "stress."  Quite a stark comparison to my earlier impressions of what rehab is/was.

Anyone want to clarify the subject for me?

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