Thursday, September 20, 2012

Scaredy Cat

I really kick myself for being one of those teenagers who loved scary movies.  Now that I own my own house I'm constantly checking that there is no one hiding in the shower, I dread getting up at 3am because it's the "witching hour," and I lock everything including my car which is already in a locked garage.  Well, last night (or this morning, depending on how you look at it) I was awakened by one of the many alarms in my house faintly beeping.  Once I was awake enough to realize that it wasn't some random text message on my phone or something I'd dreamed up, I'd seen the clock said 3:46 a.m.  I'd debated laying there for the next 14 minutes until it was safely 4 a.m., but my opened eyelids had already triggered the urge to pee so I got up.  Side note:  a sheer shower curtain with a clear liner is the way I get around phobia #1 about creepers hiding out in the bathtub.

After visiting the bathroom, I checked the alarm in the hall outside of our bedroom and determined it was not the problem child and begin to descend the stairs.  An eery feeling hit me that I was being lured to my imminent death searching out this mysterious beep.  Didn't I find it odd that neither the hubs or the dog were awakened by the beep?  Well, I told my subconscious to grow a set and continued on to find that it was our carbon monoxide detector that was to blame.  I'd never heard this thing make a peep before so I started to get nervous that we were in danger.  I debated with myself on what to do and decided to read the back of the battery door (smart) and found that if it only chirps every thirty seconds, we're good to go.  Just needs new batteries.  This was good news because I really wasn't looking forward to standing outside to wait for the fire department.  Now I had to decide do I just take the batteries out and find some tomorrow or do I do it now?  Well, I chose now (God forbid anything be seriously wrong with the carbon monoxide levels in the house) and managed to find some new batteries to shut the thing up and headed back to the safety of my bed.  

Oh, and the dog and the hubs took over my side of the bed and the blankets.  Nice.

Anyone else out there scarred for life by scary movies??

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