Friday, August 16, 2013

Grins N Giggles

I am happy to say we survived our first week apart.  Neither Jayson or I shed a tear at any of our departures and at each and every pick up he was still smiling.  I swear I love this kid more and more every day.  All the credit for this successful week belongs to my long time friend Michelle who runs Grins N Giggles Daycare.  I had to go with my gut and forgo prior plans to enroll him at another daycare, however infant care is tougher to acquire than a meeting with the President of the USA so as you can imagine I was panicking.  Michelle fortunately had a brief time frame available where she could watch Jayson for me and for that I am SO grateful.  She is a life saver and I swear my kid is now bored when he comes home because he has such a blast at her house every day.  Not to mention he has a zillion little mothers tending to his every need and what can I say, he's a flirt like his father.  Just check out how happy he's been this week:

Similar to "happy wife, happy life," a happy baby means a happy mother which means that we, my friends, are one happy household when we're home together at night.  I really dreaded being separated from him and would get all choked up when I heard Brad Paisley's "Beat This Summer" because how true was it that nothing would replace our summer together?!  But how fitting that on my way into work I heard Katie Perry's "Roar."  As my Aunt Lynda reminded me via text this week "you are strong than you think."  Speaking of which, thank you for all the texts and Facebook messages, they definitely helped me get through the week.

Oh yeah!  And as promised, I did remember to take his three month photo:

Some fun facts about Jayson now that he's reached this three month milestone:
  • He babbles... and usually when he should be eating which is comical.
  • He screeches, and not because he's upset but because he can. 
  • He is getting stronger by the day thanks to tummy time at daycare.
  • He has quickly outgrown size one diapers.
  • He has moved on from 0-3 months clothing and very shortly here his three month clothing.
  • Rolling over is just around the corner for him, if only he could get his elbow out of the way.
  • He smiles constantly and I absolutely love his smile.  
  • He *almost* sleeps through the night.  We get from 9pm to about 3am.  Not too shabby.
  • He thinks its funny to pee in the tub.
  • He likes to watch Bob the Builder and Spongebob Squarepants.
Anyone who knows of a reputable local daycare with infant openings please feel free to message me below or privately.  Either that or pray that something becomes permanently available at Grins N Giggles.  I have until December before I have to make a switch so I want to ensure I have something lined up.  

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