Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Old School

As a new mom I have had access to (and tried) many new products out on the market today.  However, I will say that for a majority of the common issues (i.e. diaper rash, etc) the old school items have proved themselves to be tried and true.  The following items which you probably already have in your pantry have been little miracle workers for Jayson:

Corn Starch - Yes, the edible kind you use in gravy.  This has helped to clear up diaper rash and keep Jayson dry at a fraction of the cost of regular baby powder.  There's no additives (colors, scents, aloe, etc) so if your baby has a sensitive bottom like mine does, reach for plain old corn starch.  Store brand works too... just saying.

Baking Soda - adding a sprinkling of this to Jayson's bath water has helped so much with any other rash/skin condition that has popped up.  Whether it be a dry patch near the elbow, redness from a diaper rash, or that drool rash under the chin... baking soda in the bath water has cured it.  Plus his skin and hair feels super soft afterwards.

Vaseline - this product has helped with dry spots, diaper rash, and Jayson's chapped lips, cheeks and chin.  Teething + drooling + winter weather... well, you get the picture.  We found that when he had thrush the only thing that soothed the rash was vaseline.  So now, instead of the expensive tubes of Desitin, Monkey Butt, Boudreaux's Butt Paste, A&D, Baby's Butt Aid, or Balmex (we've tried them all!) we use Vaseline.

What "old school" products do you swear by?  I'm sure I'm missing a few!

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