Friday, April 24, 2015

Furry Friday: A Toddler's Best Friend

This is the face of a saint.  Not a saint bernard, but a saint in the literal sense.  This dog puts up with so much crap from my son Jayson, I almost feel bad for him.  But he asks for it.  He really does.  He and Jayson are inseparable. Irregardless of the trouble Jayson has in mind, Ace still goes to him when he calls him.

Frequently his fur has sticky or matted sections from grubby little hands covered in ketchup, syrup, yogurt, fruit snacks or any other substance Jayson has recently consumed.  Ace doesn't mind though.  He got to share whatever was covered in the ketchup or syrup.  It's a slight price to pay.  Luckily he's dapple colored, it allows stuff like that to blend in.

He accepts hugs that are a little too tight.  Despite being a whopping eleven pounds, he will wrestle and roll around on the kitchen floor with Jayson who easily outweighs him 2.5 times over.  He will also snuggle up tight for a nap, subject to being rolled over on and any other thrashing around that Jayson does.

They truly are best buds.  When Jayson asks for an animal cracker, rest assured he's looking up at me and asking "Ace?"  Yes, Ace can have one too and he's probably going to steal yours when your not looking.

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