Monday, March 16, 2015


Jayson is one year, ten months and one week old.  Or in simpler terminology he is twenty-two months.  Hard to believe he'll be two in just about two months time.  Actually, it's not hard to believe because we're currently experiencing the terrible-twos in our household. He's cutting his two-year molars and suffering from yet another ear infection (his third to be exact) so I guess I should cut the kid some slack, but this momma is strung out!  Perfect time to write a blog post though, because I think it'll help me regroup and fall back in love with the little monster that I was all too happy to drop off at daycare today (sorry Laura!)

Closing in on year two, our little man has become quite the chatterbox.  Not a whole lot is in formed, legible sentences yet but there are quite of a few things you can clearly understand when he's talking.  He's got such a cute little voice with his toddler talk right now.  He'll occasionally put his hands to my cheeks and talk real close to my face with his eyebrows up and such a little expression on his face.  Then he'll do "mmmmmm-muah" kisses with me.  Melts my heart.  Almost makes up for when he's being a terror.  Some of the newest developments in Jayson's conversational vocabulary as as follows:
  • Paul (his godfather)
  • Cait (Paul's wife)
  • Morning
  • Cold
  • Hot
  • Not me!
  • Me!
  • Pizza
  • I wanna go
  • Go go go!
  • Chugga Chugga (train)
  • Button
  • Nigh Nigh (good night)
  • I mama and I dada ("I" = my)
  • Peeze  (please)
  • Ouch
  • Owl
  • I want
  • Mine
  • Stop it (frequently said as "Ace stop it")
  • Dora Dora
  • Barney
  • Pun Bob  (SpongeBob)
  • Minions
  • Snack
  • Baba (bottle)
  • Cup cup (sip cup)
  • Blue
  • Keys
  • Cars
  • Beep beep
  • Bop bop (lollipop and/or ice pop)
  • "Mama I you" ("mama I love you", he'll say this with dada too)
  • He'll say mama on repeat like Stewie from Family guy: "mama, mama, mama, mama"
That last one drives me batty.  Gosh, he's lucky he's cute. Thank God for coffee and the little things that make motherhood worth it.  I can now understand why my mother went off the deep end on occasion. 


  1. I will be in this stage right behind you and looking for advise :-D wish we lived closer to each other!

  2. Me too! You need to move closer!! :)


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