Friday, October 30, 2015

Steel Trap

It's no secret that time escapes us.  It's more evident when you have a child and especially when you have a blog.  I apparently haven't been in here to post since July!  We have a had a very busy couple of months.  We made two more trips to NJ, a trip to Adirondack Animal Land, a trip to the Thousand Islands, went to our local County fair, celebrated Ace's first birthday, and celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary.  Phew!

Of course in all that time Jayson has been growing like a weed.  I haven't done anymore belly-shot photos to keep me on task of tracking his monthly progress like I did for his whole first year, but I jotted down a bunch of his most recent words and phrases and hopefully I'll remember to update his baby book with them:
  • "Outkide" (outside)
  • "Weggies" (legs/ leggies)
  • "Sweepover" (sleep over)
  • "Ky-et Peas" (quiet please)
  • "What happen?"
  • "Why?" (This is constant... you can give him an answer and he will just keep asking why?)
  • "I'm warkin' he-ah" (I'm working here)
  • "I don't wike it" (I don't like it)
  • "When sun comes up..." (This is new - every night he goes through a list of things he is going to do the next day once the "sun comes up.")
  • "I happy to see you"
  • "I wub you" (I love you.  I may have mentioned this already, but when I ask him how much he says "two" and holds up two fingers.)
  • "Pink." (Everything is pink. You ask him what color, it's pink.  End of story.)
  • He counts to ten and always skips five.
  • He whispers "shut up" and chops his hand in the air thanks to John Widecki who taught him that lovely little phrase and hand movement.
This kid has the mind of a steel trap though, I swear.  If you tell him
you're going to do something, he'll hold you to it.  His go to conversation, just so he feels that he's participating at dinner or whenever, is to talk about the Monster Trucks we saw at the County fair back in early August!  It's adorable.  It always goes "I see monster trucks and one pop a tire!"  Which is entirely true.  One did pop it's tire.  Amazing how he remembers it.  His other go to conversation is to talk about "the guy who painted my house" since we just had our house repainted.

Another amazing memory came up just this week.  Justin and I were talking about picking up a take-and-bake from Wolfe's and he chimed in "I go there for my birthday."  Also true. We had his birthday back in May at Wolfe's pizzeria.  How does he remember??  He's only two and a half!!

He also has an amazing memory for songs.  My mother was singing "whoop there it is" and doing the cabbage patch dance motion and Jayson ran over with the dvd for Elf and said "that's on here!!" referring to the mail room scene where Buddy dances to that song! And his all time favorite song hands down is Immortals by Fall Out Boy because it's on Big Hero Six (or Baymax as he calls it).  It's so cute, he'll sing and dance to it whenever it comes on the radio or television.

He's also got a good memory for little sing-song type things such as "Ring around the rosie," "Rock-a-bye baby," "It's raining, it's pouring" and "See-saw, knock on the door."  It never ceases to amaze me what this kid retains.  He still tells me all the time that he wants to go back to the beach on the cruise (which we took in March) and when he plays with his matchbox cars on their play mat he says they're driving to Uncle Tony's house because there's a bridge.

We did have one scare with him in September where he took a tumble down at least six steps of a mall escalator he reminds us often since then that "I almost died on an escavator (escalator)."  Out of the mouths of babes.  That was an interesting ER trip.  He of course checked out fine, but his father and I both had a heart attack that day!  Needless to say: no strollers on escalators, it's never safe even if there's one of you on either end, etc.  It's not worth skipping the extra minutes it takes you to find an elevator.  I still have nightmares (and bruising down my side) from that little ordeal.

On a lighter note, Jayson continues to be quite the little artist at daycare and at home.  He's made us several fall themed items, which we proudly display, and helped to carve his first pumpkin this year into a minion!  Hopefully the next time I'm on here I'll have pictures from this weekend's trick-or-treat excursions.  He's going to be Spider Man and he's pretty stoked that his costume has "muscles."  Happy Halloween!

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