Thursday, September 15, 2016

It's a... GIRL!!!

Can't say I saw this coming.  At our 21 week appointment on 8/30 we were scheduled for our anatomy scan.  We brought Jayson with us thinking it was going to be a good experience for him to see the ultrasound and hear first hand whether his sibling was a boy or a girl.  We were fully prepared to make the announcement that day following the appointment, except our little peanut (much like her older brother) had other ideas and refused to cooperate.  So we left that day a little disappointed and were scheduled to come back on 9/14 to get some additional measurements and help our awesome ultrasound tech Leslie hone in her new machine. Within the first five minutes, despite criss-crossed little legs, we were able to determine the gender and it was a girl.  Justin and I were actually shocked.  I felt like I was carrying very similar to our prior pregnancy, but hey, one of each is not bad.

Breaking it to Jayson didn't go all that bad either.  I was a little nervous how he'd react to hearing it was a girl and not a boy.  He's been calling it "Baby Kyle" since pretty much day one.  You'd think from the above photo he was less than impressed, but truth be told he was only unhappy about having to a.) get washed up right after daycare and b.) having to sit/stand still to pose for a photo.  It just happened to work out that his face was scrunched up which seemed fitting with the t-shirt's saying "I'm getting a little sister but I wanted a dinosaur."  

Now we have to decide upon a name for our soon-to-be daughter.  If I had a quarter for every time someone said Kylie (Kyleigh, Kylee, etc) we'd be rich.  Unfortunately close friends of ours have a daughter named Kylie.  So we're bouncing some other ideas around right now.  A contender right now is Alexis.  Both Justin and I have always liked the name and it seems like many of my other favorites are nowhere close to Justin's favorites, so we shall see.

As of right now I feel pretty good.  Weight seems to be on target.  Allergies have hit me hard though this change of season and I'm looking forward to my follow-up appointment on Monday to see what I can take to get rid of some of this congestion.  I do feel like I've been more emotional with this pregnancy, short on patience, and not really interested in any sort of intimacy (sorry Jay!)  TMI I'm sure but if I don't put it out there, who'll talk about it?  These are some of the things they never tell you about being pregnant.  Here's a another - you'll sweat like a out of shape middle-aged man in a footrace and no deoderant will be strong enough. Super attractive right?  No.  Didn't think so.

Getting back to being over emotional, Jayson has taken to being daddy's little shadow. This I should be thankful for seeing as how we have another one on the way, but the other morning I bawled my eyes out on the way to work because he wanted daddy to take him to daycare because he was still mad at me from the day before!  Yes.  His first grudge and it was against mommy.  All because I have to play the heavy and I made him eat dinner, get washed and go to bed.  I should have taken a picture of him crying over his chicken nuggets that night and submitted it to that site that documents all the silly reasons toddlers have meltdowns.  Either way, I'm not yet ready for my little man to be anything but mommy's boy and it really got to me.  It's hard to believe that he's three already (and fully potty trained!)  I really wish I could hit pause because time is going too fast. 

Alright, so this post has become quite long and I've run out of fun and interesting updates for you all.  I'll try to post more frequently with updates on Jayson's milestones as well as any and all new baby related.  Maybe one day I'll print all these little gems out for their baby books and present them to them at their 18th birthday or some other embarrassing time for them.  (◕‿-)

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