Friday, December 9, 2016

35 Weeks

Mama needs a nap mug, $12.99
Let's just say at 35 weeks, this mama is slowing down.  There's still so many "nesting" things I want to do when I get home, plus all the goodies arriving at my house to go through for Christmas, but there's never enough time (or energy) in the day.  Plus, I'm caffeine free for three weeks now.  It sucks.

You may be wondering why no caffeine?  Well at our 32 week check up and ultrasound baby Alexis was deemed to be growing just fine and head down already at 3lbs 12 oz.  However, there was one teeny concern, and that was the amniotic fluid measurement was a tad on the low side (9cm vs 12 cm).  So, I've had to cut out dehydrating things (i.e. my one cup of coffee per day), increase my daily water intake, and hope for the best (spoiler alert: fluids have since come back up, but coffee is a still a no go).  I figured, no big deal.  It's one cup of coffee in the morning.  Wrong.  It's life sustaining sustenance and highly necessary to get this big rig going for the rest of the day.  Without it I've found that come 10am, I'm going into shut down mode.  This includes slow blinks, brain fog, and slouching in my chair.  By 2pm I've warped into a large, irritable, nap-deprived toddler.  I somehow convince myself that in absence of a nap, shoving my face full of sugar laced carbs would make a nice substitute.  I argue with myself about walking somewhere on Campus to get a snack, rule it out because I'm tired and lazy, convince myself it's a shorter trip to the vending machine, but talk myself out of it because they don't really have what I want like a warm, gooey, maple glazed cinnabun. Alright, I gotta change the channel now because all I'm thinking about is stuffing my face and I don't need to. 

So... in other news, Jayson is still three going on seventeen.  He's obsessed with boots and "work pants" (jeans with holes in them).  He pitches a fit when they're in the wash and he has to wear something else.  I should really take photo or video of it and submit it to whatever that site is that posts about ridiculous toddler meltdowns.  His take the cake.  But then, like a sourpatch kid, he becomes the sweetest little human being and I wonder where the hell the time has gone and could just eat him up.  He seems genuinely excited about the new baby coming.  When I'm folding itty bitty baby things from the wash, he's right there helping me and exclaiming "how cute" they are.  He even helped me pick out the crib bedding.  I really hope the age difference between the two turns out to be just right.  I also hope that I can still give him the one-on-one mommy attention he's been accustomed to.  He's been more of a daddy's boy lately, but I still genuinely cherish our mommy-Jayson time and I don't want him to feel left out, cast aside or anything of the sort.  I remember when my sister Jessie was born, there was a five year difference and to be honest I hated her.  She was colicky, dubbed the "PMS child" and the world no longer revolved around me.  We had a rough start and only really started to click over shopping and after both of us were old enough to drink alcohol.  Even now we have our moments.  She's a Virgo, I'm a Taurus and she's still the PMS child...although on steroids because she's recently acquired food allergies and I'm combating pregnancy hormones.  Sorry Jess... it's the truth.  You're boyfriend helps balance you though...

Ahhh.... I digress. What was I saying again?  Oh yeah.  35 weeks.  This mama is slowing down.  On the plus side though nesting has fully kicked in and we've had Christmas photos taken, the cards are in the mail, our visit to Santa is in the books complete with smiles, and I've yet to miss a day of Elf on the Shelf.  Now that's progress.

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