Tuesday, February 7, 2017

One Month Alexis Style

One Month Baby Update

Weight & Length:  at her one month doctor appointment she weighed in at 9lb 15oz.  Just shy of 10lb.  She's growing like a weed.  I love her chubby little cheeks and legs. She also put on over an inch and a quarter in length.  She's now in her size 1 diapers and 0-3 clothes.

Feeding:   Alexis is an aggressive eater.  She took to breastfeeding right from the get go.  The only downside is she's a gulper which leads to spitting up.  The doctor says it's something she'll grow out of.. let's hope so.

Sleeping:  right now we get 3-4 hours at a clip, which is great.  When her brother was born, I was lucky to get an hour or two, so 3-4 is a blessing.  I don't feel as tired with Alexis as I did with Jayson. Must be I'm accustomed to the sleep deprivation.

Development:  Alexis doesn't believe she's only one month old. She's been lifting her head and using her legs since day one.  During tummy time she looks like she isn't far off from crawling.  Just like when she was in my stomach, she is a bundle of movement all the time.  She's smiling and occasionally coos from time to time.  She can grab her binky from her mouth when she no longer wants it and she rolls to her side already.

Temperament:  Alexis has so far been a fairly mild baby.  She loves bath time, only crying when she gets out.  She is what's known as a "happy spitter" in that spitting up doesn't seem to bother her; she's gaining and not in any noticeable pain from it.  She grunts and squeaks quite a bit now and is very attentive.  She also sleeps through her brother's noise and antics which is a blessing.

Favorites:  She loves being talked to. She loves nap time on mommy's chest up close to my neck where she can have skin to skin contact.  She loves watching her brother.  Music seems to help her sleep.  Eating!  She is an eater and she loves being held close. She loves the baby carrier for that reason.  She also loves her rock and play.

How's mommy?  Well, so far so good. Baby weight had come off thanks to breastfeeding. I would like to drop another 10-15 but it's not a necessity.  I'm not feeling as tired this time around but I do find my patience is short with Jayson. He's 3.5 and all boy so energy is high and listening is low on his list of priorities.  I'm pretty happy most days. Content to be home with Alexis.  The first twinge of sadness I've felt was folding her newborn clothing and thinking how this very well may be our last baby.  I'm pretty sure Justin is set on two children. Our budget for now is also constrained to two.  But otherwise I am adjusting well.  As I'd mentioned in my prior post, healing thus go around has also been better.  I was also pleasantly surprised that love only grows with the newest addition.  Jayson adores her and I'm trying my hardest to make sure he still knows just how much we love him.

Well Alexis... cheers to one month.  As much as I look forward to painting nails and styling your hair, don't go pulling a Thirteen Going On Thirty on me.  I want to enjoy your little squishy self as long as possible.

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