Friday, April 14, 2017

101 Days

101 Days

Alexis was three months old back on the 4th of April, but mama has been slacking on the blog.  I returned to work on the 6th, so in all fairness I have been a little busy.  So we'll post today when she's 101 days old.  We don't have another check up until towards the end of May, so right now I'm guesstimating she's 14 or 15lbs now.  She's moved on from her 0-3 month clothes and into her 3 months and 3-6 months. Even some of her 6 month hand-me-downs already fit. 

Alexis continues to be a happy baby.  Starting daycare didn't throw off her routine at home, and for that I'm thankful.  She did refuse to eat the first morning there, but then had a blow out diaper and from that point forward it was business as usual.  She's very attentive, so I figured she'd adjust fine at daycare with so much to look at and a whole host of new little friends to keep her entertained.  Jayson does attend daycare with her, so I'm sure he's a comfort to her if she did feel homesick at all.  Today was the first day she had tears at drop off, but I did have to go out and come back in to drop off the check so I threw things off.

Over the past month it has become clear that Alexis says mom and/or mama, especially if she's impatient or upset.  She has started to smile much more and she's a chatterbox with anyone willing to give her some face time.   She took in her first movie already.  I took her and Jayson to see Beauty & the Beast.  We went to a matinee (just in case she got fussy, I didn't want to be in a full theater) and she made it through the first song, nursed and then slept the remainder of the movie.   However, recently her father and I were watching Creed (the most recent Rocky movie) and I swear she watched the whole thing.  Her little arms and legs were going and she was chattering away at the tv.  If I picked her up to burp her and she wasn't facing the direction of the tv she would whip her head around to continue watching it.  So, nevermind Disney.  This girl wants action films.  Haha.

Alexis continues to love sleeping/napping in her rock and play.  She loves bath time.  She loves her brother, although frequently she watches him with a very serious "wtf" face and it cracks me up.   She has started using the Fisher Price Sit-me-up, which she loves.  She's all about trying to sit up.  If you lay her on her back, she looks like she's doing crunches.   Forget rolling, she'd rather be up.  As for dislikes, she doesn't like being cradled unless she's eating.  She doesn't like car rides, and she doesn't like getting out of the bath.  She's still exclusively on breastmilk, so I'm pumping at work and sending it with her to daycare.  We recently found she likes the Calma nipples by Medela and also the Tommie Tippee bottles which claim to be "closer to nature."  

We've made it through our first full week apart.  On my drive into work on her first day of daycare, I heard the song "One call away" by Charlie Puth (an oldie but goodie) and it was fitting.  "Superman ain't got nothing on me..."  I was feeling pretty darn good for the ability to get us all up, fed and out the door in time.  I didn't cry, and neither did she.  I just counted down the hours until I could be home holding her, much like the song by Chris Janson which topped charts the month she was born.  

"When I'm holdin' her
It's like peace on Earth
Where time stands still
Love's the only thing, yeah, that I feel
When she's in my arms
No matter where we are
Well I am right at home when I'm holdin' her"

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