Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A month of fours

May 2017 was truly a month of fours.  Alexis turned four months on 5/4/17 and Jayson turned four years on 5/9/14.  I will say that turning thirty never bothered me nor did the subsequent years thereafter, however, Jayson turning four has hit me hard.  I think it's the fact that I've submitted his application for pre-k that has really solidified he's no longer a baby.  He's transitioned out of toddlerhood so-to-speak and into school aged oblivion.  With that being said, let's get on to the updates.  They'll have a shared blog post this month only because mama's behind on both of them.  #workingmomproblems

With Jayson, three was a tough age for us.  We left behind pull ups and his toddler bed, but gained an attitude that we didn't see coming.  We've had more bad reports from daycare than I care to admit and we've done everything from taking away toys and tv time to sending him straight to bed.  Much like the Sourpatch Kids commercials, he can be sickly sweet when he wants to be and then sour at other times.  He frequently chimes in on adult conversations and has a pretty good vocabulary.  He truly embodied a threenager and we're sincerely hoping four is a better year for us.  From a height/weight perspective, he's just over three feet tall and weighs roughly 36 pounds.  He still likes to match his socks and underwear to whatever he's wearing.  He also has taken an interest in having his hair done "like daddy's."  He really is adorable and we have gotten quite a few good laughs out of him:
  • One morning on the way to daycare we heard Billy Joel's "Only the good die young" which he dubbed "Jamaican Music."  
  • He *misheard* his Uncle Panda say "yeah *peaches*" (aka b*tche$) and that became quite a comical little phrase of his.  
  • Another phrase of his is "it's not my first radio mom" (aka "it's not my first rodeo").  
  • At Easter he was super expressive when Ace went to the bathroom under the dining room table.  In Ace's defense he was nervous and a lot of people were in and out that day, but here's Jayson: "What the heck of this??  There's $hit everywhere!  $hit on the floor!  $hit everywhere!!"  OMG we laughed, and then told him he shouldn't use that word.  
  • Another good chuckle was listening in on a little conversation between him and his friend Evan while playing with Star Wars light sabers:  "Evan don't hit me in the pee pee... I'll laugh and laugh and I don't want to!"  Only out of the mouths of babes...

Speaking of babes, Alexis seems to be progressing rather quickly!  She's raspberrying, singing (or so we think), and babbling all the time.  She continues to be a happy baby who enjoys eating whenever it's offered, bath time as long as she can laze about like Cleopatra with one leg dangling in the water, and hanging out in her excersaucer.  She'll be ready for a walker pretty soon.  She's already rolling all over the place.  She's still a little unsturdy sitting on her own, but she does tummy time like a pro and looks like she's ready to crawl.  She mows down on her hands like no tomorrow and I wouldn't be surprised if she pops a tooth soon.  We thought a recent runny nose of hers was teething related but it turned into a cold which turned into an ear infection, so she's currently on her first round of antibiotics.  We're hoping she's not allergic to amoxicillin like her brother.  Since we had to go to the doctor before her 4 month check up, we've found that she's 15lbs 9oz which seems right on par with where her brother was at 4 months.  Her eyes seem to be changing from baby blue to a light brown like mommy.  She's also got a booty like mommy and little chubby legs that will look so cute when we can finally dress her in summer clothes.  C'mon cold weather, get outta here!

Well, that's a wrap... until next month.  I hope you two know just how much mommy loves you.  Like in the children's book "Olivia" by Ian Falconer:  "You know, you really wear me out. But I love you anyway."

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