Friday, April 6, 2012

Furry Friday: Muttballs

Ever since we've gone to the vet with glandular issues and were told Riley needed to lose 1.5 lbs, the hubs and I have been brainstorming ways to help him with both issues.  For his glands, I've read that increasing fiber in his diet should help.  For his weight we've been taking long walks on the local SUNY campus.  For both, we've decided to change up his food slightly.  

Typically he has half of a Cesar's or Chef Michael's wet food and 1/4 cup of Eagle Pack dry food at breakfast and dinner.  His snack is usually a Dentastix, aka "crack stick".  We'll sometimes intermingle Healthy Favorites Milkbones, and Beneful foods/snacks to change it up and if I have coupons.  The nice thing about all of these items was that none had made it on the dog food recall list and are deemed safe.  However, in further scrutinizing Riley's food for quality for his glands/weight, I must admit that I'm not a fan that Cesar's is mainly comprised of byproducts (aka ground grizzle and cartilage.)  So, last weekend's shopping trip we picked up some Naturally Delish wet food.  We had tried the Just 6 treats before and like them, so now what we saw our local grocer carried the food we thought we'd give it a go.  It's really a win-win because not only is the food made with all natural ingredients and no by products, proceeds go to Rachael's Rescue.

Let me just tell you, since changing Riley's food and incorporating longer walks he is a new dog.  The walks initially tired him out, but since adding in the new food we've noticed he has more energy.  His mood has definitely improved and he is more playful.  Not to mention that the food actually looks and smells good too.  His favorite thus far is the Chicken Muttballs (chicken meatballs with carrots, spinach and pasta cooked in chicken broth.)  It is certainly more expensive but seeing as how we only have a small dog, the increase to my grocery bill is minimal week to week.  To have a healthier dog, I think it's worth it. Not to mention that there are always coupons available for Nutrish and Eagle Pack has a free bag for every so many purchased.

What pet foods do you use and why?  Anyone else have success with Naturally Delish and Eagle Pack products?

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