Monday, April 23, 2012

This old house

I  feel like I should be hosting an episode of "This Old House."  My house is old (1950s Cape Cod) and for all it's charm, it has become quite the learning experience for the hubs and I. This past weekend was shaping up to be a pretty awesome weekend, but you know what they say about the best laid plans... they often go awry. 

Friday we stayed in and had a movie night.  Saturday we got up, started laundry, and then proceeded to wash Justin's truck, his snowmobile, the snowmobile trailer, Justin's daily driver, and my car.  Normally we wouldn't worry about washing the snowmobile and the snowmobile trailer but this year we got out on it once, some of which could be considered, it got washed.  Then we put Sta-bil in the gas tank, loosened the track, and brought the battery inside.  All of this was accomplished before the heavy rain rolled in.  We then ran out to the store for a quick restock of some household groceries and settled down for a relaxing evening in complete with pasta salad and bbq'd burgers.  Sunday was supposed to be a wash-out weather wise, so we intended for it to be a comfy-clothes movie and game day with a side of putting laundry away.  Well, the day started out fine until Justin got out of the shower and said "I think we have a problem."

Apparently the tub decided it didn't want to drain. Thankfully, not in the new bathroom but either way it was still not something I wanted to hear.  Initially he thought the old tub drain assembly was at fault (it has been seized for God-knows-how-long, on the list for replacement) but then thought there must be a clog somewhere.  Being newbies at all this home repair/home ownership stuff, we googled it.  We then unsuccessfully tried a plunger, then tried to remove the tub overflow assembly to put the "snake" through. Well, the tub overflow assembly would not come out (remember: seized) so Justin unscrewed the drain itself.  Google did not suggest we do this, and going forward I would not recommend it either. Unscrewing the drain caused all the water to go down into the basement because it separated the pipe from the tub.  Yeah, not so great...and the kicker is that by going this route we were still unable to run the "snake" through to get the clog so Justin had to open the clean-out in the basement.  Long story short, what came out was rather unpleasant but by 2pm we had the issue solved.  So much for a "relaxing day in comfy clothes."  It then became "put the tub back together, wait for silicone to set, wash floors and tub, and put laundry away" kind of day.  Anything but relaxing.

Oh well.  Another notch on the belt for us greenhorns.  How was your weekend?

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