Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A fair, a Wedding, and a Camper

Well hello there!  Glad to see you hung in there while I was on a blogging hiatus.  The summer has been going by so fast and I've been trying to make the most of it while it lasts.  We've had spectacular weather and plenty of fun things filling up our limited weekends.  Side note: yes, I refer to hot and humid as spectacular.  If you had to endure six months of below zero weather accompanied with several feet of snow and darkness, you'd probably agree with me that hot and humid are indeed spectacular. 

In continuing our tradition of partying it up at the Schoharie County Fair we took my sisters not one, not two, but three days this year.  We had a blast.  Day one was full of shows: carriage races, equestrian competitions, the circus, and a stunt show.   Day two was all about the rides.  Day three was tractor pulls, the circus (again), fake tattoos, and a logging show. 

Apparently we are getting to "that" age where everyone is either getting married or having kids (on purpose) so we've had a number of weddings to attend this summer.  This past weekend was Adam and Kristina's wedding out in Cicero, NY.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day for a wedding.  The location was beautiful, the food was great, and we enjoyed catching up with other friends who attended.

Since we were out near Syracuse, the hubs wanted to stop and check out a few places which sell RVs.  He's been researching online for weeks months now and I've finally caved to go look at a few.  We fell in love with a Wildwood, however, neither of us were 120% committed to the payment plan along with it so we've decided to wait until next year to see if it's something we really want to do.  We still have household renovations to pay off and it is late in the season to buy a camper.  So as disappointing as it was to walk away from the deal, it's for the best.  At least that's what we both keep telling ourselves.  Of course if any of my readership has more money than they know what to do with and are feeling particularly generous, donations would be accepted.  Just kidding.  Sort of.

So... that pretty much gets you back up to speed with how my summer has been going.  What about you?  Who out there has a camper and loves it?  What's your favorite fair food?

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