Thursday, August 9, 2012

Golden Fork

If there was a Golden Fork Award for "tastes good, looks awful" my baking career would most certainly take off.  As far as I know there is no such award, so I'll just have to stick to my day job crunching numbers and ensuring people get paid.  It doesn't mean I'll forgo baking all together.  I'll continue experimenting and I'm sure the hubs will continue to eat whatever is put in front of him within reason.

Last night I attempted a zucchini bread (Paula Dean's recipe over at Food Network) and substituted chocolate chips for the nuts.   We've had so much zucchini from the garden that I figured this would be a great way to use it up.  Plus, Justin's coworkers enjoy when I send in baked goods (or so he says).  Well, the end result was not pretty.  About 40 minutes into cook time a burning smell invades my kitchen.  Paula's recipe states that it makes two standard bread loafs.  Well, apparently her standard bread pans must be larger than mine.  Mine were overflowing, hence the burning aroma.  So I open the oven, place a large cookie sheet beneath them to catch said overflow and I scoop up what appears to be a blackened cow patty from the base of the oven using a metal bbq spatula.  Unfortunately opening the oven caused my bread to cave or fall, not really sure what the proper terminology is, and what I was left with was a rather ugly (but tasty) version of zucchini bread.  Oh, and the chocolate chips all found their way to the bottom.  You'll have to imagine what it looked like because in my distraught "I'm never going to bake again" tirade I failed to take a picture and google images doesn't have anything that even remotely compares.  

Seeing as how I still have plenty of zucchini, I am willing to give it another go.  If anyone has a fool-proof chocolate chip zucchini bread recipe to share, please post below:

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