Friday, August 10, 2012

Furry Friday: Chairman

Justin has this habit of "shopping" at his mom's.  He says it's like American Pickers, but free.  The last time we were over there he decided to take home an ax, an electric saw, a camping grill, a badminton set, and a beach chair.  Fortunately he's not crossed over into Hoarders territory since his garage and basement haven't maxed out in storage capacity as of yet.  I promise I'll keep an eye on him, this could get serious.

Anywho, the one item from his most recent "shopping" trip that I was actually excited about was the beach chair.  I have hunted high and low this summer for a low sitting beach chair for Riley.  He loves sitting outside, even more so in a camping chair, however he has three inch legs so a camping chair isn't ideal for him.  You can understand how a low sitting beach chair would be perfect.  Well here's proof:

No sooner did we get this beach chair set up, he hopped right in.  The colors are a little faded, but dogs are color blind so he doesn't mind a bit.  This is where he now spends hours each afternoon while I'm either making dinner or cleaning house.  What a cutie!

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  1. Dave does the same exact thing at his mothers house in Oneida...LOL this time we left with a chain saw, propane heater (large and small), and who else knows what.....


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