Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I am concerned Jayson may have thrush. He has had a diaper rash that has lasted a little over a week and the roof of his mouth looks milky. If you recall, I had antibiotics a few weeks back for tonsillitis.  Now I'm worried that by being on them it has affected Jayson's "good" bacteria levels resulting in thrush.

Reading online I have found many "at home" remedies and so far this is what we're trying:
●  Swabbing his mouth 2x a day with milk of magnesia.
●  Feeding him yogurt.
●  Sterilizing all teethers and pacifiers.
●  Mom is drinking water with lemon juice.

Other suggestions online include the mom drinking green tea but I haven't gotten around to buying any at the store.  I, myself, haven't noticed any symptoms but most articles say the mom and baby should be treated together.  

Fortunately Jayson doesn't seem phased by this at all. He is eating like a champ and acting like his normal self.  Some articles say thrush will go away on its own and is common in babies.
Anyone have any experience with this and any other suggestions for me?

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