Monday, December 30, 2013

Crazy Train

Time to derail the crazy train and catch y'all up to what's been going since the last time I posted.

I ended up taking Jayson to the doctor.  He did have thrush.  He was put on nystatin both orally and in cream form for 14 days. The cream made his diaper rash worse.  We stopped using that right away and went with straight up cornstarch to clear up his diaper region.  The oral nystatin continues to be a struggle we have to endure until this Wednesday.  He's supposed to take it 4x a day.  Yeah, joy of joys.  Poor kid.  He certainly knows how not to take medicine now.  On the plus side the thrush appears to be gone.

We had Christmas photos taken with Rebekah Riley Photography of Worcester, NY.  I highly recommend her.  I now have to get my behind in gear and have some prints made up for frames at the house and for the grandparents.  My sister got us a really cool tree frame that I need to fill up.

Justin and I had our first evening out as a couple, versus a trio.  We attended his work's holiday party and had photos taken in their photobooth.  My parents stayed with Jayson for the short period we were out. 

We took Jayson to see Santa in Cooperstown, NY.  He didn't cry.  He was too busy looking around at all the neat things inside of Santa's little hut that it was hard to get a photo with him looking at us dead on.

We took Jayson to see his second movie in the theater.  He was mesmerized by Disney's Frozen, although I had to get up and change his diaper twice, he was relatively well behaved considering the length of the film.

We finally had enough snow to put Jayson's new sled to use.  He loved every second of it.  Riley ran around like a crack addict because he wasn't quite sure what we were doing with Jayson, which of course amused Jayson.  

That's all for now.  We had so much more going on but a lot borders on what will be featured in my next post: Jayson's 8 months post... 8 months, can you believe it??

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