Monday, March 31, 2014

My kind of luck

Being a quarter Irish, I would have really liked to have cashed in on the "luck" of my ancestors but needless to say the month of March has been less than lucky.  This is what I get for forgetting to wear green on the 17th.

The beginning of the month our fairly new furnace decided it was a good time to crap out amidst the below zero temperatures we were experiencing.  The downside to being "fairly new" is that parts aren't readily available and the furnace itself is of course just outside its warranty.  Fortunately, the repairman was able to jimmy-rig it while we waited a couple weeks for the part to be special ordered from Italy.  I'm glad to say we are finally back up and running since temperatures are still in the thirties.

The middle of the month I was taken via ambulance to the Emergency Room and treated for dehydration and exhaustion. Dehydration is a kick in the pants though.  I am still whooped and whooped is not something you want/need to be while taking care of an energetic ten month old and working full-time.  My coworkers were nice enough to treat me with a gift card to a local restaurant so that neither Justin nor I had to worry about cooking.

Also during the middle of the month my Ford Edge decided to dump its transmission fluid.  Thank goodness Justin noticed the puddle in the garage and I didn't drive it til it seized up on me.  Of course we're *this close* to paying the Edge off, and after calling Ford we found that both new car and extended warranties no longer apply.  Isn't that always the way?  The only up side is that the dealership where my dad works will be doing the repairs, so although it's likely to be expensive I know I will be fairly billed and the repairs will be done right.  In the meantime I'm driving Justin's Corolla which makes a horrible hum in the front end when you turn the steering wheel.  Needless to say once the Ford is back up and running, the Corolla will be going in for service.

Now of course the end of the month didn't want to be left out so our six month old dryer decided to get in on the shenanigans.   Like Justin's Corolla, the dryer began making a terrible hum when running so we made an appointment with a repairman who came today.  It's been determined that it needs a new motor and we should be back in business this week.  Fortunately it is still under warranty and is the one thing that's happened this month that won't cost me out of pocket.

So whilst I beware the Ides of March, hopefully your month has gone better than mine.  Either that or misery loves company.  Do tell.

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