Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Joys of Parenting

Let's discuss my night last night.  It was not so great which just builds upon last Monday’s daycare debacle.  I had called Jayson’s pediatrician because it seemed odd that he cried for five hours at daycare last Monday and of course they couldn’t see him until Tuesday this week.  

At any rate, his doctor’s office calls me last night and says his doctor can see him that evening if we were available. I guess he was there on the schedule until 8pm and there had been other cancellations.  I think “this is great, I won’t have to charge time tomorrow and I can ask about his allergies.  He’s always so congested now that they play outside all day…”  Well of course I bring Jayson and everything seems hunky-dory, so $20 copay later I'm told there's nothing wrong with my kid.  Per the doc “best guess, maybe he had an eyelash or something in his eye.  I don’t know, we get appointments like this all the time.”  Great.  Oh and he ignores my asking about the allergies and the possible need for a nebulizer… says to sporadically dope him up on Benadryl.  Not his exact words but you get the gist.  

Any who, fast forward to later that evening.  We’ve already done tub time and we’re getting ready for bed.  Jayson has my phone while I'm getting his pajamas on. I go to take it away from him and he cries.  I hear someone on the other end asking what the emergency is.  Adrenaline shoots through my chest, my face flushes.  OMG - my kid managed to call 911!!  Apparently even with a passcode on your phone, if enough wrong buttons on the lock screen are pressed emergency dialer will enable.  I quickly answer the woman that there’s nothing wrong, my toddler was playing with my phone, I am so apologetic.  She’s less than amused and tells me to be more careful with my phone.  

Fast forward about a half hour later.  Jayson is finally sleeping.  House is dark.  I’m in the bathroom taking off make-up, brushing my teeth, etc.  There’s a police officer knocking at my front door.  Yup.  They sent a squad car over just to make sure we didn’t have a real emergency.  He takes down my name, my birthday, my son’s name, his birthday and even asks me my dog’s name.  When he leaves and says he hopes the dog didn’t wake the baby.  Funny guy.  So now I wait to see if they are going to send CPS to my house next.  

Oh the joys of parenting.  Any suggestions for me?  I had a toddler lock installed called "Playground" on my Samsung Galaxy 4s but despite the hype, Jayson always managed to get out of it.  I thought by using a passcode on the lock screen I'd keep him from getting in and downloading/deleting stuff he shouldn't, but I wasn't prepared for the emergency dialer scenario.  He also has a v-tech cell phone of his own, but he'd rather play with mom/dad's. 

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