Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The miniature man in our house

  Things he's saying:
  • I got it
  • I did it
  • Look at that / "lookit"
  • oooh (like an owl)
  • Ow/ouch 
  • Mom/mama
  • Daddy/dada
  • No
  • Yes / "Yesh"
  • bye
  • "Uh-oh" is a new favorite
  • A whole lot of other gibberish from the minute he wakes up
Things he's doing:
  • Waving hello or goodbye.
  • Toddling around (practically running), sometimes patting his belly or his chest.
  • Using the dog stairs to get on the couch.
  • Learning to come down the same stairs backwards, not always successfully.
  • Pushing his Tonka truck around the house. He actually steers that better than any walk behind toy he currently has.
  • Pushes his little lawn mower around the house.
  • Climbing in and out of the dog's crate.
  • Bringing books to you to read to him, although his attention span usually doesn't last the whole book.
  • Trying to climb in or out of the tub; turning the cold knob while the tub fills up.
  • Pointing at everything.
  • Emptying cabinets and running off with items from within.  He loves when a chase ensues.
  • Crying when daddy goes outside without him.
  • Giving big hugs when he's tired.
  • Teething - he has two top teeth and two bottom teeth.  His top canines are coming in currently which is causing excess nose running, drooling, and cranky tantrums.  I liken him to that one Garbage Pail kid who always slimed everything.
  • Biting. I try to remind myself his mouth hurts and he doesn't have words for it... but pretty soon I'm going to have to either bite him back or start smacking his little behind.
  • Throwing anything and everything.  He puts dramatic emphasis on throwing his pacifier down when he's angry.
  • Throwing his food to the dog.
  • Drinking like a pro from sip cups (he'd prefer your cup, but it gets messy).  He loves lemonade by the way. 
  • He'll eat a whole slice of cheese pizza (cut up of course).  It's impressive. 
  • When he's done, he's done.  He screams and tries to escape his highchair.  Most especially before you're able to wash his face.
  • Throwing himself down.  We've apparently hit the terrible-twos sooner than expected.  
  • Fighting his afternoon naps.  This does make for an earlier bedtime however.
His current schedule:
  • Wake up anytime between 5:30 and 6:30am.
  • If up prior to 6:30am, watch Disney Channel and play with toys on the floor while mom and dad get ready for work.
  • 6:30am get changed/dressed for the day, brush his teeth.
  • 6:45am - 7:00am nurse.
  • 7:05 leave the house for daycare.
  • 4:30-4:45pm get picked up from daycare.
  • 5:00/5:15pm eat supper (throw some to Riley).
  • 5:45-6:45pm run around making a mess of the house like a tornado.
  • 6:45-7:15pm bath time.
  • 7:15-7:30pm fight to remain naked.
  • 7:30 read a book, nurse, and go to bed (usually asleep by 8pm, some nights sooner).

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