Thursday, June 15, 2017

Alexis @ 5 Months

Alexis turned five months!

And in typical working mommy fashion, I  am late announcing it.  It's a good thing she's so chill.  One day she'll be reading this and in a fit of sibling rivalry she'll bring up that we slighted her in some way shape or form.  For now we'll have to enjoy that she doesn't seem to mind and hasn't yet been able to form sentences stating otherwise.

So let's get right down to it:
  • Alexis had her first ear infection around mother's day.  Never spiked a fever.  Just stopped wanting to eat as much.  Seeing as how she's a child after her mother's heart, skipping a meal is not standard.  That was our only symptom.
  • She's started raspberrying as a response to everything and she puts her all into it.  It's especially cute when she peers over the side of her carseat to do it at Jayson.  He of course things it's hilarious, for now.
  • She's started using her exersaucer, jumparoo, and walker.  She goes backwards in the walker (typical) but she's got the Fred Flintstone feet movement down.
  • Around Easter she found her voice, and as of lately she's found her screech.  You'll go running thinking something is wrong only to find she's happily nibbling her toes and screeching as she rolls around.
  • Much like her brother at five months, she loves splashing in the tub.  She'll lounge in her tub seat like Cleopatra, but her preference is to simply lay in the water without it.  She loves tub time. 
  • In the morning while we're getting ready she enjoys watching Mickie Mouse Clubhouse with Jayson, that or Chuggington.  Whichever is on.  She'll babble at anything on tv and has become "little miss distractable."  I have to make sure we're nowhere near the tv if I'm trying to feed her.  She's easily tv mesmerized.
  • I may have mentioned in a previous post, but like her brother at five months she too is in size three diapers and for clothing she's wearing mostly 6 Months and 6-9 Months.  There are very few 3-6 Month items that still fit. 
  • Alexis is still on a strictly breast milk diet.  At her monthly check up she was 16lbs but not two weeks later at an appointment for what I thought was another ear infection she weighed in at 17lbs!
  • Our little miss is an octopus as of lately with her hands.  She's grabbing everything from your cheeks to your hair, anything in your hands is fair game and we have to trim her nails often because she has quite the grip and those puppies hurt!
  • She says hi, mama, and as of this morning we believe she said dada.  I also think she's tried yelling for Ace but can't really be sure.  
  • We've gotten more smiles and giggles out of our serious little girl as of lately.
  • She still gets up just once a night and continues to be a delight during the day for the daycare ladies.  But for such a good baby she still hates the car.  This is something we hope she grows out of.  Maybe by the time she can be forward facing?  Let's hope.
  • She loves her brother.  She watches him like a hawk.  I hope they remain close as they grow older.  He's so good to her right now.

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