Friday, June 8, 2012

Furry Friday: Straight Up Cheesin'

So there I sat on the couch, box in hand, still not sure what to make of the flavor combination.  Justin had a craving for Cheese-Its this past week while we were grocery shopping so we'd picked up a box of their new Duoz.  This particular box had smoked cheddar and monterrey jack.  The orange ones tasted like feet, the white ones weren't as repulsive but certainly not the best.  We looked at each other and laughed, neither of us swallowing our chewed up crackers yet.  This box was a dud.  So I went to get up from my position on the couch to put these horrible crackers back in the cabinet and this is what occurred:

First I was accosted by Riley who proceeded to hold down my right knee...

Then he proceeded to give me the stare down...

And lastly, he gave me his Puppy Eyes and I caved.

Apparently the only one who thoroughly enjoyed these crackers was Riley.  He is a dog after all, I'm sure he's tasted worse. I guess they've been saved from a date with the garbage can.  We'll substitute them as dog treats here and there until the box is gone. What a lucky dog! 

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