Thursday, June 14, 2012

Size Matters

Already a hot topic in the gender realm, it appears the age old "size matters" debate will soon apply to beverages as well.  In an effort to curb the state's obesity, New York's Mayor Bloomberg intends to pass legislation banning the sale of sugary drinks in excess of 16 ounces. (Google search: ny soda size limit.)

While I can understand the facts provided in regards to the detriments of excess sugar on one's health, I don't know as though it's the Government's right to impose restrictions in this regard.  I think if we're not careful about reigning in "Big Brother's" micromanagement of society we're going to wake up one day to find we are no longer a Democratic nation.  It's a slippery slope folks.  Already on the radar are restrictions on the sales of popcorn, milkshakes, and "milk-coffee" beverages.  Where does it stop?

I think we need to flip this scenario around and start imposing more restrictions on those that govern us.  I won't speak for the general public, but I will say that I personally am tired of increased taxes and the out of control government spending.  It really aggravates me that this is what our tax dollars are wasted on (i.e. task force to prevent and control obesity).  I'm especially aggravated when I look at the whole beverage/milk beverage restriction from this perspective: my taxes are essentially paying the government to research how to make it illegal for me to purchase and consume a milkshake.  Yeah, that pisses me off.

Anyone else?  Leave your thoughts below.  You never know, we could be on to something BIG here.

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