Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Blog Swap: Summer Vacation

Today I’m participating in the 20 Something Bloggers Blog Swap. You’ll find me posting over at "Musings of a Girl" about my thoughts on Summer Vacations and I’m pleased to welcome Heather to  Gidget's Two Cents:
"I am really excited to be paired with Christy for 20-Something Bloggers' Blog Swap. We are talking about Summer Vacations this time around. I have a personal blog over at Musings of a Girl. Check out my post below and tell me your most horrifying summer vacation memory."
What comes to mind when you hear the words ‘summer vacation’? Being lazy? Being able to do whatever you wanted? Reading? Whatever comes to mind, I’m sure it’s fun.

Growing up, my parents, I think mostly my mom, liked to go to amusement parks. I’m all for walking around and seeing the sights, eating junk food and playing games. What I don’t like are the rides, namely roller coasters. They use to terrify me. So you just about imagine how my summers went.

My parents would tell my sister and I weeks ahead of time that we were going to an amusement part. It didn’t even take 5 minutes for the nerves to start. I just knew that from the moment we stepped foot inside the park, my mom was going to force me to go on some roller coaster that I was scared to death of.

So, there we were, the night before, my sister and I sleeping in the same bed, if you could call if sleep lol. We usually waited to fall asleep on the ride there; time seemed to go faster that way. We would get to the hotel, unpack and hit the pool. The next day was for rides. After a long day at the pool, it wasn’t too hard to fall asleep, even for ‘nervous Nelly’ me. The nerves hit full force upon waking the next morning. Breakfast was always rough to get through. It took all my might not to throw up. Then off to the park we went. 

The day would be going great, until the roller coaster that is. My mom would take me by the hand and drag me through the line. We would finally get to the front of the line and strapped in the seats (I like the over the shoulder harness better than just the lap bar). MY eyes where shut tight, hands gripping the bar, scared to death to let go. I use to hate heights a lot more than I do now so that drop was terrifying. My mom would even try to get me to raise my hands. I would sit ridged the entire ride. Shaky legs and all, my mom would help me off the ride.

Despite how much I use to HATE roller coasters, I have kind of grown into them. You might even catch me willingly riding one nowadays.

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