Thursday, July 12, 2012

Moving up in the world...

Drum roll please...

WE ARE FINALLY USING THE UPSTAIRS OF OUR HOUSE.  That's right.  The bathroom is done and now that the carpet is in, we've moved all our bedroom furniture up.  I even have curtains that are from this century.  It feels so luxurious.  And thanks to Pinterest, I will be making a "family wall" going up the stairwell.  Justin and my dad still have to install the doors they made for the hall closet, but that's a minor detail compared to what we started with upstairs. 




The pictures don't nearly do the upstairs any justice, but I can tell you it's been a long three years to get to this point.  There was wallpaper removal (an ungodly chore btw), painting and trim work, textured ceiling paint, new outlets, new light fixtures, a whole new bathroom install from top to bottom, closet door creation including some stain/shellac work, and lastly the carpet install.  All but the carpet was 100% of our labor.  I am greatly pleased to have come as far as we have.

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