Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Slugs, snails, puppy dog tails...

That's what little boys are made of and I'm happy to announce Justin and I are having a BOY!  We had our "anatomy scan" yesterday and it appears there will be one more Krueger male walking this earth come May 2013.  Who knew that the baking-soda gender test would be an accurate predictor??  Only twenty-two weeks to go and counting.

How's the pregnancy thus far you ask?  Not too bad. No morning sickness.  No strange cravings.  I haven't gained a ton of weight yet.  I will say that I am finding out quickly the difference between a full pregnancy panel and at-waist maternity pants, the latter of the two is by far the least comfortable right now considering I seem to be carrying all out front.  I do have one pair of maternity jeans that has a lower waist (but much stretchier waistband) which I find to be quite comfortable.  I guess you live and learn.  I will say the "Tummy Sleeve" my mother-in-law got me works wonderfully for now. I'll be interested to see how well it works when I'm a little larger.

Any other mothers-to-be out there with tips and tricks to share?  Name suggestions maybe?  We could use all the help we can get as this is our first go around.

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