Friday, December 7, 2012

Furry Friday: Think Fast

I know in the past I've commented on how Riley was a great little time keeper (Like Clockwork) but this morning he must have been on break.  Justin and I had forgotten to set the alarm and had to scramble to get ready for work this morning in a half hour time frame.  I said to Riley "Oh man, you were supposed to wake us up!" and he just looked at me like I had three heads and rolled over.  Yeah, it was already starting out to be a rough morning considering we had to get two of us through the shower, the dog walked and fed, and I had to eat a little something before running out of the house (pregnancy will do that to you.) 

So this morning we divided and conquered.  I took Riley downstairs to have breakfast.  He scarfed down his Pedigree Chicken & Rice, but proceeded to beg for his Kong treat rather than touch his dry food (I did not give in).  I proceeded to eat my cereal and then told him we were going upstairs so I could get showered.  Well, no sooner did he hear the word "upstairs" he decided now was the time he was going to eat his dry food.  This wouldn't normally be an issue except we were strapped for time this morning and Riley's one of those dogs who won't eat if you leave the room.  Maybe it's a dachshund trait, I don't know.  So I grabbed his bowl and brought it upstairs with us so he could finish eating while I got ready for work.  Once he'd finished and I was still prepping, Justin took him for a quick walk and then Justin and I rushed out the door for work.

Oddly enough, even running late, I still beat my mother-in-law to work (this is not a dig, just thought I'd mention it on here because she'd get a kick out of it.)  She's a firm believe that the work day starts at 8:00am so she's not getting there any sooner than that.  LOL.

All I can say is TGIF.  Anyone else struggle to get out the door today?  How about any odd dachshund traits to share?

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