Monday, July 1, 2013

Debunking Myths

There are two wives tales I have heard recently regarding breast milk.  Yes, I am going to talk about breast milk today.  It's amazing the things you engage in conversation about once you have an infant.

  • Myth #1:  breast milk placed in a baby's eye will clear up eye discharge amd help with clogged tear ducts.
  • Myth #2:  if you are exclusively breastfeeding you won't need additional contraception.  

I am here to tell you that one of these is false and one of these is true.  Want to take a guess? 

Myth #1 is true.  Breast milk has antibiotic properties and is more gentle to an infant's eye than over-the-counter or prescription products.  Consider it a safe homeopathic treatment to try first before running to the doctor for a script.   It has also been said to help clear up diaper rash and eczema when applied topically. 

Myth #2 is false.  Ever heard of "Irish twins"?  Irish twins are babies born nine months apart.  You can become pregnant while exclusively breast feeding even if you don't have a "cycle" yet.   According to the wives tale, women don't resume their cycle for six months while breast feeding. However some women have experienced their cycle resuming as early as two months postpartum.  Either way, if you aren't ready to travel down the labor-and-delivery route again so soon you'll want to employ additional methods of contraception.  

In case you are wondering,  the answer is "no."  I am not expecting again so soon. I have, however,  tried the homeopathic method for clearing up infant eye discharge and it most certainly worked. 

Any other myths or wives tales to share about breast feeding or breast milk?

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