Thursday, July 11, 2013

Two Months

I should have written this post back on the 9th but the time has gotten away from me.  Jayson is officially two months old which  means I only have four more blissful weeks with this little cutie.  So the countdown is in until mommy needs Prozac.  I kid, but the thought of putting my little man in daycare has me so conflicted.  Is he going to get proper care? Will he think I've abandoned him?  God forbid anything happen to him, I'll never forgive myself!  Unfortunately in this economy we can't afford for me to be a stay at home mom so its a necessary evil.  But enough Debbie downer talk.  I need to cherish the remaining one-on-one time I have with him and not dwell on the fact that daycare is four weeks away.

So let's see, what have we learned in two months?  How about Jayson's likes and dislikes?


  • Cuddle time
  • Being talked to
  • Tubby time
  • Stroller walks
  • Car rides
  • His play mat with Ernie the Elephant, Harry the Hippo, and Bob (aka Zack) the Zebra.  Long story.
  • Stripy Cat in his pop-up book
  • A clean diaper every hour just about
  • Swing time


  • Dirty diapers
  • Too many Riley kisses
  • Getting out of the tub
  • Putting lotion on
  • Naps...he protests them
  • Sunlight, you'd think this kid were a vampire
  • Anything that requires 5+ minutes of attention

I can't really think of too many other dislikes of his.  He's a fairly happy kid.  He cries when he's dirty, hungry, tired, or bored so if you address any one of those things you're bound to make him happy again.  Come to think of it, those things apply to mommy too, lol.

Well Jayson, cheers to two months!  I love you to pieces little guy!! xoxo

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  1. Too funny :)

    Asher hated tummy time when he was a baby - screamed like I was murdering him.
    Langston, on the other hand, could only sleep if he was on his tummy.

    I know daycare is scary - both kids didn't start daycare until about 2yrs old but I love our daycare person and I trust her with our newborn when that time comes. I would much rather stay home until Harbor is 2ish (or even longer!) but money is kinda neat thing to have :P


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