Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Operation Binky Drop

The husband and I have coined a new term known as "binky drop."  A "binky drop" by definition is the loss of suction on a pacifier leading to its eventual drop from an infant's mouth.  Much like we hear in a Dyson commercial, this loss of suction can prove to be problematic.  The end result is usually detrimental to the sleep pattern of all who reside in the home.  Commence Operation Binky Drop

The goal of this covert operation is to replace the pacifier in such a fashion that sleep resumes for all involved.   However this requires a high degree of stealth and precision timing.  At the first sign of trouble on the monitor we must move out quickly.   Too much time spent passing the baton from mom to dad or vice versa could foil the whole operation.   Please also note that this operation does not come free of external complications.   On occasion there is a soiled diaper at play, a squeaky door hinge, or an ill placed dog toy which wreaks havoc.  Not to mention your target is cute and will try to engage you in playful babble sessions.

This mission, which you have no choice but to accept, will need to be repeated several times over the course of an evening and into the wee hours of the morning.  Welcome to Operation Binky Drop.


  1. oh please dont be a 'binky' person....

  2. Lol, he was a thumb sucker from birth but that led to numerous face scratches so a pacifier helped.

  3. Pacifiers are a lifesaver and its much healthier than thumb sucking - just call it a pacifier :)
    Ive never been one for baby words - baba, binky, pee pee, hoo hoo - use the real words! Asher is just starting to ask about girl parts since we are expecting a girl and because I've always used 'penis' for his part we are using 'vagina' for the lady parts - it is what it is


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