Friday, January 24, 2014

Furry Friday: A Boy & His Dog

It's been way too long since I've done a Furry Friday post.  Since becoming a mother, my posts have been more infrequent to begin with but I don't want you to think that Riley has been forgotten about altogether.  We still have plenty of snuggle time.  He still sleeps by me.  We snuggle on the couch after Jayson's gone to bed.  He is always within arms length.

Lately Riley is getting his exercise outrunning Jayson in his walker.  Jayson wants to follow him all over the house.  He reaches out to pet him, but doesn't realize that in trying to get that close to Riley it usually results in running him over.  You'd think Riley would learn and move out of the way, but when Jayson's in his walker he usually has some form of snack on his tray that Riley's hoping he'll drop (and frequently he does).  

I was most nervous about this stage and not knowing how Riley would adjust/react to Jayson's increased mobility, floor time, tummy time, etc.  However, he has been great (he doesn't even steal toys!)  We still have to intervene when he goes overboard with kisses, but other than that the boys seem to really like each other.  It's a huge relief for me. We're still trying to teach Jayson to do "nice" and "easy" to Riley and so far he seems to understand.  

Here's hoping to a continued closeness between the two of them as Jayson continues to evolve.  In the meantime I'll keep documenting with adorable photos like below:

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