Monday, January 13, 2014

The Number Eight

  1. Jayson is officially sitting, unassisted, like a champ.  He's still not crawling yet, but will inch along on his back like a worm.
  2. He gets around pretty quickly now in his walker.  In fact he's quick enough that he manages to run Riley over on a daily basis, particularly when he's trying to eat.
  3. He's become quite verbal.  He says "bah-bah" (bottle) and "hi" pretty consistently.  Less consistently it sounds like he says "bye," "ok," and "whoah."
  4. We're still getting up once a night for a 15-20 minute feeding and a diaper change.
  5. He loves raspberrying and when he gets on a raspberrying kick he does it non-stop.
  6. We're letting him try more people food.  He likes to gum pizza crusts and spoonfuls of pumpkin pie.  Notice I said "gum" --- he still hasn't sprouted any teeth.
  7. We're into our 9 months clothing and starting on some of our 12 months sized items.  Our little chubs weighs 19.6lbs now!  We weighed him at Nanny's house.  His next "official" weigh in with the doctor is at the end of January.
  8. He's becoming more of a snuggler.  He was always snuggly but now he hugs back and will even pat my back.  Lately this has been how he wants to fall asleep: snuggled on my chest or with his head on my shoulder, he and I patting each others back and humming.  Although his humming sounds more like a growl... it's so adorable.  
Photos taken over the last month...

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