Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Happy New Year! Let's catch up.

So now that it is officially 2015, I realize that I have slacked quite a bit in the blog department.  Jayson has been more active than ever and adding a puppy to the mix has certainly cut down on any free time I've had.  So let's catch up on items I forgot to share with you so that we can start the New Year off with a clean slate... mmmkay?  (Did you just picture Lumbergh from Office Space when I said that?)

In my Fast Forward Summer post I alluded to a trip to Zoom Flume, Adirondack Animal Land, a bachelorette party, a wedding, a trip to Long Island, and a trip to Ocean City. Seeing as how these things seem so long ago, I won't spend much time on these and suffice to share a collage photo (gotta love Pixlr).  
  • For my sisters Patricia and Victoria's birthday this past year we had gotten them tickets to Zoom Flume.  Jayson had been the prior summer but was too young to really enjoy it.  This year he was all about the kiddie splash zones and he hung out with his buddy Jayden who came along with us for the day. 
  • For as young as Jayson is, he's now visited three zoos in his short existence.  He's been to Popcorn Park in NJ, Bailiwick Ranch in Upstate NY (Adirondack Animal Land was closed!), and the Cape May County Zoo.
  • My girlfriend Kari had solicited me to be in her wedding party.  We had a wonderful girls night out complete with my first Paint & Sip experience.  Her wedding was the first time both Justin and I were away from Jayson ever, for not one but two nights... and he did fine.  LOL.
  • We traveled to Long Island in August for a surprise 50th birthday for my mother.  She really was surprised and we enjoyed a girls day out at the local wineries.
  • Lastly, we traveled to Ocean City NJ with friends for a week in October.  Unfortunately our time was cut short due to Riley's health taking a turn for the worse, but while we were there Jayson was a total beach baby.

Now, on to more current events.  Jayson and Justin got the stomach bug right before Thanksgiving.  I scrubbed the house top to bottom in light of 27+ people coming to my house less than a week later.  

Christmas was fun this year.  Jayson was a little more interested in what was in the wrapping paper than the boxes/paper.  Although he was not thrilled with Santa Clause and not nearly as excited about the whole holiday as we'd hoped.  Some of his favorite items included slippers, a stuffed deer, a bbq grill, a ball pit and a rocking horse.  We had wonderful family photos taken again this year for Christmas with Rebekah Hopkins.

We rang in the New Year on amoxicillin.  Justin and I had sinus infections and Jayson had an ear infection.  The poor kid had all four canines coming in as well, so he was a miserable little dude.  Unfortunately after almost completing his entire cycle of antibiotics, he broke out in a head-to-toe rash resembling the measles.  Apparently he's allergic to amoxicillin like his late Grandpa Kurt.  Despite being sick, Jayson has still managed to keep us all busy running around the house like a mad man with his buddy Ace.  I'll have to do an update on both of their growth/changes in a separate blog post as this one's getting a little lengthy, but before I sign off here's one more photo of our little guy sporting his new buzz cut:

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