Monday, November 7, 2011

Chxn Pox

I can remember the very week that I developed chicken pox.  The uncomfortable blisters began exposing themselves on the long car ride to my grandparents in Upstate New York.  By the end of that mini-vacation, I had blisters so bad they were even present on the roof of my mouth.  Pleasant, right?  Fortunately I was old enough to semi-control my scratching because I understood that permanent scarring could result.  My sister Jessie, five years my junior, had them within the next few weeks after having been exposed to me. Scarring was a little harder to contain with her, but Mom did her best.  Which brings me to an article I read today about parents going so far as to order used lollipops from children supposedly infected with chicken pox.

I know my mom was a little concerned that the older I got, the less likely I was going to have chicken pox and apparently it's better to have them while your younger... blah-blah-blah.  She did try to expose us to neighbors' kids who may or may not have been contagious at the time.  However, I don't believe my mother would have ever stooped so far as to order used lollipops.  I don't believe any mother in their right mind for that matter would either.  

First off, chicken pox are only contagious when they aren't visible.  So good luck having your kid suck on that lollipop so you can sell it on ebay.  If the spots are already present, it's run it's course.  Secondly, the internet is a criminal's playground.  "Here little kid, want some candy?"  God only knows what was present on that lollipop before you stuck it in your kids mouth. 

It never ceases to amaze me what this world is coming to!

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