Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Back in the day I ate a lot of subway at college.  I did not get famous like Jared, but I can tell you that I did grow tired of it.  All I ate was a chicken bacon ranch wrap or a club salad (yes, when I went to college they made salads) and it became very monotonous and boring.  However, it was the best option I had. The dining hall sucked.  I only went there for cereal, bagels, waffles, and more salad.  Then there was the Terrace where you could get popcorn chicken, chicken quesadillas, or enough grilled cheese to ensure you were entirely constipated.  So, Subway it was.  It took me quite a few years after college before I could bring myself to order at Subway again.  I've recently gone back and had my chicken bacon ranch on a 6" italian herb and cheese sub.  It was refreshing.

Last night I'd seen a Subway commercial and even though I'd seen it before it has now made it into my "Favorite Commercial" hall of fame.  I love a good laugh now and then, don't you?  Makes me want to go to Subway now.

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