Monday, November 21, 2011

FEMA Housing

As many of you are aware, Upstate NY got slammed in September by two storms causing much of some counties (i.e. Schoharie) to call for aid from FEMA.  Over the past month or so, probably close to sixty or more FEMA houses have found their way to a lot within a mile of my house, however that is where they have stayed.  Empty.  It makes me wonder how much help these houses are offering for those who have been without homes since the storms occurred in September.  We're already midway through November.  What's gives?

In talking with a coworker who has friends awaiting housing, she indicated that many cannot afford to take on a FEMA house due to the inability to pay for septic, water, and electric hook ups.  Not to mention that these units are "rentable."  So even though your house was destroyed and you probably still have to pay a mortgage on it, now you are faced with the costs of renting a unit from FEMA and paying to have septic, water and electric hooked up?  I don't know as though this makes any sense to me.  Sounds like just another way for the government to make a buck off those who don't have fifty cents to give.  Keep in mind however, that I am merely reiterating what I've heard.  I don't know how this process works for sure.

Is anybody else familiar with this process?  Good, bad, indifferent?

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