Friday, November 18, 2011

Furry Friday: Chatty Cathy

It's been a while since I've written a Furry Friday post.  As wonderful as my dog is, I've found it difficult to come up with new and exciting things to say about him (gasp!)  He does so many cute and quirky things throughout the week, but come Friday I have a writers block.  I really need to start writing things down when they happen and then Friday's posts will be much better prepared. 

So when we first got Riley all I wanted to do was familiarize myself with the dachshund breed.  What were the best foods for them?  What were the best harnesses/leashes?  What kind of chew toys were good and which were detrimental?  How well do they potty train?  Etc, etc, etc.  Some of the interesting tidbits I learned about his breed  are as follows (and I can vouch they are all entirely true):
  • The wire-haired dachshunds are the "clowns" of the dachshund breed.  They are constantly goofing around and love to play.   
  • They know they are cute and they are little attention whores.
  • They can and will be bossy if given the opportunity.
  • They are nesters.  What this means is they love to snuggle, particularly under blankets or anything else they can get their little bodies under.
  • They are alarmists.  Little scaredy-cats.  Any noise, odd movement, etc can set off "I'm a big bad dog" barks, but dachshunds are lovers not fighters so unless they feel the need to protect they will most likely hide somewhere (i.e. under the bed).
  • They are extremely loyal and possessive.  Possessive of both people and objects.
  • They will do anything for food.  They are little chow hounds.  They'll eat until they puke, then they will eat some more.
  • They like to jump on/off things, but they are prone to back problems.
  • They get cold easily.  Hence the reason I have attire for Riley.
  • They have excellent memories.  They will remember if you were mean and hold a grudge, they also have no problem remembering where they left a toy and retrieve it.
  • And lastly, they LOVE to be talked to.  You could be reciting the ABC's and they will sit there and listen attentively the whole time.  Cocking their head side to side, ears forward.  Riley cannot resist being talked to.  He's my little chatty cathy.
What are the common traits of your dog?  Do you own a dachshund and do you agree with the list above?

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