Thursday, November 10, 2011


The Duggars are expecting their 20th child.  That is pure insanity to me.  According to the average cost of center-based daycare in the United States is $11666 per year ($972 a month) per child.  Aside from getting a television show to help pay their bills, how else would a family handle the astronomical costs of such a brood??  Notice how I didn't say a typical, normal, or average family since none of these terms captures the Duggars for what they are.  Average they most certainly are not.

I read an article not too long ago, I think when they had their last child, about how their children have to schedule meetings with their parents in order to get any one-on-one time.  I also read that their household is basically children raising children.  I can believe it and in all honesty, that saddens me.  What is the purpose of having so many children if you have to schedule meetings with them for them to feel loved?  The concept seems wrong to me.  Obviously they have something in common with Kim Kardashian's wedding fiasco - they're doing it for the attention, the television show, and the money.

I also have to wonder if they need their heads examined.  Are they sex-addicts like Tiger Woods?  Are they religious extremists who don't believe in birth control?  Is she a pregnancy-hormone junkie? Are they attempting to start their own Baby Boomer generation and take over the world?  Whatever their reasons, I think they took "go forth and be fruitful" a little too literally. 

The thought of popping out one child scares the hell out of me.  How can someone subject their body to this process twenty times??  I imagine her feminine organs must be extremely tired by now, not to mention the other stresses pregnancy puts on all the other organs in the body.  Geez... I'd like to see Dr. Oz do a show on the detriments of multiple births to a woman's body.  It's got me curious.

Any thoughts on the Duggars?  C'mon, don't be shy.

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