Monday, March 26, 2012

Long weekend

This weekend was fun filled to the brim.  I cannot recall the last time I went to bed after midnight two straight nights in a row.  I'm certainly feeling it this morning, but it was worth every second.  Well, minus six hours.  Saturday the hubs and I sat through a six hour defensive driving class.  It will lower our insurance costs, but it's six hours of my life I cannot get back.  So let me give you the quick and dirty of the weekend:

Friday night - 
My parents agreed to pick up Riley so he wouldn't have to be crated all day Saturday.  This left us "kid free" so-to-speak which worked out well since a friend of ours is home from the Army and invited us over for a bbq and bonfire.  It was great to catch up and reminisce about growing up together.  We got to chit chatting about what's wrong with the youth of today (because we're so old) and somehow transitioned to our culinary interests.  Before we knew it, it was midnight.  Justin and I hurried home since we had an early morning ahead of us.

Saturday day -
The snooze button got a work out for sure.  Justin and I were dragging come Saturday morning.  We had signed up for a discounted defensive driving course through his work.  Seeing as how we didn't leave ourselves enough time to do much more than shower and head out the door, fast food came into play for both breakfast and lunch.  Out of boredom we doodled in each others work books throughout the class, laughed at inappropriate times and were asked if we needed to be separated.  Having not returned exactly on time from our lunch break, we almost got kicked out of class.  I never knew we were such rebels.  

Saturday night - 
Upon gaining our freedom around 3:00pm we headed for the big metropolis of Schenectady.  A college friend of ours was having a birthday and we'd made plans to meet up for some bowling and pizza.  Old friends were reunited, new friends were made, old memories shared, and new memories created.  My abs still hurt today (Monday) from laughing all night.  Once again midnight snuck up on us and we made our way home before turning into pumpkins.

Sunday -
Surprise, surprise... we slept in.  However, feeling guilty from having ate nothing but junk food the day before we went downstairs to work out for about an hour.  I'm not usually a gym rat, however we're just about a month out from our Bermuda vacation so I had a little more incentive than usual to get my butt in gear.  We invited my parents over for a bbq supper and mentioned to them that the Hunger Games movie was playing locally.  Both my parents and one of my sisters have already read the books and so the plan was made to attend the 7:30 showing.  Let me tell you, this was an awesome movie.  Much like Twilight, after seeing the first movie I now plan on reading the entire series.

How was your weekend?  Anyone else see Hunger Games?  Thoughts, reviews...please share below.

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