Friday, March 9, 2012

Furry Friday: Soaking It Up

As you may recall, Justin and I have been renovating the upstairs bathroom.  I have to admit, Justin and my dad have been doing most of the work.  I've helped with the demolition, provided creative vision, selected items for the decor, and of course I'm helping support the project financially.  Justin and my dad kid around that I'm the project manager, but in reality I'm an extra brain to pick and I'm the person they send to the hardware store when they need something.  Whichever way you look at it, our little arrangement works and the bathroom is coming out great.  Looking at it now, it's hard to believe it started out as a plastic pink tile mess with a mismatched tub surround and peeling wallpaper.  We now have fresh drywall and beautiful porcelain tile that mimics the look of natural stone.  The best part is we're just few steps away from the finished product reveal, so stay tuned!

We started out this project with intentions of being weekend warriors but quickly began incorporating week nights into the mix.  Not because we're in any particular rush, but because it's so awesome to see how our efforts are shaping into a beautiful finished product.  With that said though, these late nights amount to much less "Daddy-Riley" time as Justin calls it.  Fortunately Wednesdays and Thursdays have become shorter work evenings due to American Idol and Jersey Shore (my dad has become a total American Idol follower since Steven Tyler was introduced into the mix).  On these nights Riley totally soaks up his time with Justin (translate as Riley glues himself to Justin.)  If Justin gets up to get a drink in the Kitchen, Riley has to get a drink from his dish in the kitchen.  If Justin gets up to check on the laundry in the back room, Riley's right along with him scoping out the back room.  And if Justin manages to sit still for any period of time (this is hard for him, I swear!), Riley kicks back and relaxes as well.  It's actually really cute.

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